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We’re proud to be working in partnership with OPENWORK and provide its advisers with our latest updates and technical expertise.

Utmost Limited, part of the Utmost Wealth Solutions brand, is an international bond provider based in the Isle of Man, offering products designed to support UK based investors. Through Utmost Limited, you can help your clients invest in an established, tax-efficient jurisdiction. So, whether they want to preserve their wealth, or pass it on to future generations – we offer products that aim to make a wealth of difference.

We specialise in life assurance and capital redemption bonds for high net worth UK residents. As at 31 December 2017 Utmost Wealth Solutions managed more than €24bn assets for over 56,000 clients.

Our distribution team is here to provide their knowledge and expertise to help with your clients needs

To find out who can help you in your region, please click on the map below.

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our welcome team

A dedicated team to help you with:

  • Application form completion
  • Source of wealth assessment
  • Territory decision guidance for non-UK applicants
  • Knowing your customer requirements
  • Technical and investment support
  • Illustration production

To ensure that your illustrations are accurate and already contain the relevant Zurich platform details, our Welcome team have created an illustrations pro-forma specific for Openwork advisers. To download the pro-forma please click the button below.

Illustrations pro-forma

To ensure that your illustrations are accurate, please ensure that the pro-forma is completed and submitted with each illustration request.

Literature specific for openwork advisers

We appreciate that each provider will have its own set of processes for new business, which can make writing new business complicated. As a result, we have created template application forms and a new business process aid for advisers who are establishing a client’s portfolio bond with Utmost Limited and are placing the linked investments on the Zurich platform. Click the buttons to download templates and the new business process.

Evolution application template

Estate Planning Bond application template

New business process



A flexible international portfolio bond that can be adapted to meet your clients’ changing needs throughout their lives.

Evolution is designed for medium to long term investment (5-10 years or longer), and can be used to grow, manage and preserve your clients’ wealth, even enabling them to pass it on for the benefit of future generations.

With Evolution you can aim to help your clients reach their growth, income or tax-planning targets with a range of investments, all managed in one place.

Your clients can

  • Defer tax on any investment growth until a convenient time
  • Switch funds to respond to market changes
  • Combine it with a trust for inheritance tax planning

Your clients might want to set up Evolution and a trust at the same time. Or, if they’d like to start their inheritance tax planning later on, they can set up Evolution first and then assign it into a trust in the future.

Evolution Is

  • Designed for medium to long-term investment, so 5-10 years
    or longer
  • Available in pounds sterling, US dollars or euros
  • Available with a minimum investment of £50,000, US$100,000
    or €75,000

Find Out More

ADVISER GUIDE Key Features Document

More information on our products can be found in Guides and Forms

Estate Planning Bond


As your clients get older, they’ll probably start thinking about how to pass on their wealth to the people they love, whilst retaining an income to maintain their lifestyle. 

The Estate Planning bond is a bond and a discounted gift trust combined to help your clients invest for their families and could reduce the effect of inheritance tax.


  • Could reduce the effect of inheritance tax – on the amount your clients leave for their families
  • Lets them take a tax-deferred income
  • Lets their funds grow free of income or capital gains tax while they are in the bond
  • Can all be managed in one place, with a wide range of investments.

The Estate Planning Bond can’t be surrendered during the lifetime of your clients, and income payments can’t be altered once they’re established.


adviser Guide Key Features Document

More information on our products can be found in
Guides and Forms