The Utmost Exploration of Investment Bonds HowWow series

This series is delivered by Utmost Wealth Solutions’ Technical Sales Manager, Steve Sayers and Richard Allum of The Powwow

The on demand videos enable you to watch a recording of the live sessions, at your convenience.

Each session also earns you CPD points, which you can obtain from us once the video has ended and are split into three sessions – basic, intermediate and advanced – so you can select the level you want to watch. However, each video has lots of good tips so we’d recommend you give all three a watch!

Episode 1:

howwwow 2019 e1

Basic exploration of investment bonds

  • Life assurance vs capital redemption bonds
  • Jurisdictions: Isle of Man vs Ireland
  • Brexit
  • Who needs a bond?
  • Tax within the  bond
  • Tax paid by the bond holder
  • Bond withdrawals
  • ‘New’ top slicing rules
Supporting material

Episode 2:

howwow 2019 e2

Intermediate exploration of investment bonds

  • Part surrenders vs full surrenders
  • Tax due dates
  • Combining part & full surrenders
  • Policy years & tax years
  • Deficiency relief
  • Loss of personal allowance
  • Recent Court rulings on ‘disproportionate’ cases
  • Personal Portfolio Bonds
  • Assignments
  • Loans
Supporting material

Episode 3:

howwow episode 3

Advanced exploration of investment bonds

  • Disregarded assets
  • Updated top slicing guidance
  • Maximising top slicing advantage with detailed case study
  • Time Apportion Relief (pre & post 2016)
  • Planning for UK resident non domicile clients
  • Bonds & retirement income strategies
Supporting material