Trusts and Trustee Solutions

Our trusts could play an important role in your clients’ UK inheritance tax (IHT) planning. To pass on their wealth in the way they’d like, they might want to set up a trust alongside their bond. Or, if they’d like to start their inheritance tax planning later on, they can set up their bond first, and then assign it into a trust in the future.


  • Discretionary Gift Trust
  • Absolute (Bare) Gift Trust
  • Loan Trust
  • Discounted Gift Trust (absolute or discretionary versions)
  • Excluded Property Trust
  • Probate Trust

Setting up a trust really helps with passing wealth on.

On top of this, we’re able to give your clients access to professional trustee services with Utmost Trustee Solutions. So whatever their personal circumstances, we’ll try to help you find something that fits.


Choosing trustees is a big decision for your clients. Sometimes, it’s also a sensitive decision. They may not want to burden any of their family or friends with all the responsibilities that come with being a trustee, or they might just want to keep their trust arrangement confidential for the time being. If that’s the case, we can help.

We offer professional, unbiased trustee services through Utmost Trustee Solutions. Our team have a wealth of estate planning experience, and they’re committed to managing your client’s trust sensitively and efficiently. It means that, no matter what a client’s personal situation is, you can be sure that their wishes are in safe hands.